Cleaner for day or night shift

Cleaner for day or night shift

Position: Part-time cleaner

Location: Wollongong area, New South Wales, Australia.

Work hour: 38 hours per week.

It’s not fixed about the time whether the work will be in day shift or night shifts so the workers must have the ability to work in both day and night shifts with full efficiency.

The work is for those only who are passionate about something different in life. You must be a good communicator, friendly and frank as well. The candidate will be very responsible in the cleaning sectors so any complaints regarding cleaning will arrive then it will be directly forwarded to you to describe. Additionally, the candidates must be prepared for any time of situations because sometimes certainly VIP customers will arrive then they must have to be calm and work at a fast pace in such situations.

Likely, the main task of the worker is to clean the main lobby area and private space reliably in his/her working shift.

You must have experience in related fields and have knowledge of how to use various cleaning materials properly to make the area always tidy. Your task will be mopping, scrubbing, vacuuming, sweeping, etc. You have to dispose of the waste materials out of the working premises.

The candidate has to maintain the status of the cleaning equipment. You have to inspect and inform any needed items for cleaning to the manager. You must able to make a proper schedule to cover all the areas by cleaning.

Requirements: Have the quality to perform work by only a single direction. A high school diploma is only applicable.

You must be physically and mentally fit to do the works and you should able to work in the nights as well as at the weekends and holidays. Candidate must have the ability to adapt to the changed working schedules or routines.

Candidate should have a driving license with a car to work with us.

If you meet all the requirements mentioned above and willing to apply then contact: 0431412429.

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