Dishwasher and junior hand kitchen needed

Dishwasher and junior hand kitchen needed

Position: Junior staff as a kitchen hand/dishwasher

We are searching for junior staff as a kitchen hand/ dishwasher to join our Mexicali Bar y taqueria in Nobby beach. The selected applicants will be provided with much training and other extra activities. Candidates should be willing to work at night and on weekends. You are expected to be the one who follows the rules and regulations of the seniors. You will have to wash plates and glasses without causing any damage to them

Candidates should be able to prepare a variety of dishes and drinks. You will have to clean and wipe down tables and prepare it for the next guests. Applicants as junior kitchen hand will have to assist senior chef while preparing salads and other light dishes. Those who are flexible and have ethics towards work will prefer more. If you can create a healthy and friendly environment people will get attracted to our bar.

Applicants are expected to be accurate and interactive with others. These are a few responsibilities you have to do here: You should be flexible and follow the ethics of work. Applicants must help chef preparing salads and light dishes. Candidates have to wash dishes and glass in a fast-paced manner. You should keep the kitchen and its appliances hygiene. Applicants must serve and take orders quickly.

Given below are the requirements you need to fulfill: Applicants must be ready to work under pressure and stay calm. Candidates should be ready to work at night and on weekends. You must learn different recipes to provide to customers. Applicants must have good communication skills and customer service skills.

Candidates must be well presented and organized in front of guests. If you can meet the above requirements then please send your resume to [email protected] and wait for a response.

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