Packing job tuesday to friday

Packing job tuesday to friday

Position: Fruit and veggie packers

Location: Bringelly, NSW.

Working days: Tuesday to Friday and the working time starts from morning 8 am

Candidates must be physically and mentally fit because you have to lift up to 20 kg so those candidates who can lift will be preferred as this job requires much energy to do. There is no facility to come over here so you must have your car. As I have told you earlier candidates must be physically fit here comes the other part you have to stand the whole day on your feet while working so anyone can do so will get more chances to join this shop.


  • You need to pick fruits from the farm and pack them properly as well as you are also expected to protect vegetables from insects and other animals.
  • Candidate should have high attention to details because you are responsible for the proper growth and damage occurred.
  • You must create a healthy working environment by making the working site and store neat and tidy.
  • Without causing any loss you need to wrap and pack fruits, vegetables in cartoon boxes
  • Workers should be reliable and hardworking on-duty time.
  • You should look after the product so that there will be no damage or loss.

Applicants will have to reach on scheduled time to finish the given works quickly. Given below are the requirements you need to fulfill: Applicants must have their car as there is no transport facility. Candidates must be able to stand the whole day on their feet. You should be able to lift almost 20 kg to secure your position. Candidates should know to observe if the products are rotten or fresh.

You should be well presented and organized while working. If you can meet the above requirements then please contact Patrick on 04211905036 only calls between 9 AM and 5 PM.

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