part-time basis cleaner needed-urgent

Position: Cleaning Staff

Industry: Cleaning company

Location: Brisbane Region, QLD

Pay: $20 to $25 per hour

Working hour: 10 -12 hour daily

Candidate must have proper knowledge about the cleaning appliances to use it in the right manner.

As an employe you have to sweep, mop, and scrub floors, vacuuming the carpeted areas, cleaning windows and making it free from the dust.

You must be following the safety guidelines of the a cleaning worker you should appear hygiene and work for 10 -12 hours daily. we expect hardworking quality from the candidates and remember you must sweep, vacuum, and mop floors, wash walls. Candidates have to remove rubbish and empty trash cans at the working should use cleaning appliances and then keep them safe.

Candidate must have little knowledge of the cleaning field. You are required to have your vehicle to join here. Candidates must be able to perform multiple tasks and be fast-paced. You have to start your work from 7 am in the early morning.

Candidates must have good customer service skills. If you can meet the above requirements then contact on 0410-050-439 and wait for further procedures.

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