Regular part-time shift needed

Food packer/ Kitchen hand workers needed regular part-time shift

We are seeking an experienced kitchen hand/food packer to join our busy store located in the Stirling area.

Working shift: Morning 7 am to 2 pm and 2 pm to10 pm night. We are expecting someone to be willing to work on both shifts as assigned.

Your job is to pack food and help in the kitchen means as kitchen hand workers. So you should have some techniques to make food packs in an attractive way and remember one thing that while packing you must notice if any products are rotten or spoiled as our main motive is to provide customers the best product we have here. Candidate should check all the food storage like a refrigerator and other machines if they are working properly or not. You have to do some kitchen duties like washing plates and glasses then keeping them safe. you must assist the senior chef while preparing light dishes and salads.

Candidate should be aware to be clean and hygiene while working in the kitchen. These are the responsibilities you need to do over here. The applicant should be reliable and hardworking in nature. As you are working in the kitchen area so your duty is to clean the dishwasher area and other utensils properly.

Candidates must have experience in the kitchen and cleaning sector. You should proper hygiene while being at the working site.

Applicants are expected to be fast-paced in nature. Candidate must know the proper way of packing and handling of food. You should have good customer service skills to be here. If you think you are eligible then please text 0432846370 and wait for the response.


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