Urgently hiring Strawberry pickers

We are looking for an experienced fruit picker to join our strawberry farm located in the Moray field area.

Pay hours: 17 $ per hour and if you are able to pick strawberries quickly and more quantity you will be paid 30 $ per hour. So it depends upon your way of working.

Working Responsibility:

  • candidate must able to keep the farm neat and clean.
  • You should not pick unnecessary leaves while picking strawberry from the farms.
  • applicants must be flexible and hardworking.you must take care of the newly planted strawberries.
  • You should check if the stored ones are crushed or damaged.
  • You are going to lift the heavy cartons and boxes and lift them to the vehicles while selling.
  • You must make farm clean and hygiene.you have to look after the plant ones so that they are not being harmed by insects.
  • You have to store strawberries in a box and check from time to time if the stored ones are crushed or damaged. Candidates must be responsible to pick strawberry at the correct season so they can grow properly.

Requirements: You have to be physically fit and energetic to lift cartons and boxes stored with fruits without being tired. Candidates must have previous experience to join this work as a fruit picker

If you can meet the above requirements then please contact 0431645963.

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