Wanted retail assistant staff immediately start

Wanted retail assistant staff immediately start

Position: Retail Assitant

Location: Cannon Hill, Brisbane, Australia and in Underwood, Queensland, Australia,

We are in need of a hardworking, experienced, reliable retail assistant to join a discount shop.

Work, responsibility, requirements:

  • You have to welcome the customer with a smile while entering the shop.
  • You have to help the customer to identify the needs and also suggest them the best alternative products in case of nonavailability
  • Be professional and stable in the work in our store you have to know the daily price of the product to make a perfect bill for the customers.
  • You must have the quality to handle the customer complaints politely.
  • Candidate must arrange their desk with attractive items which will tend the customer to buy those.
  • The applicant must have a positive attitude, regularity in the work to get more and more money.
  • You must know how to use the credit, debit cards properly to make the exact bill adequately and must have the ability to use the point of sale(POS) system properly.so it will be a great advantage if you know some technical knowledge.

  • Aware of personal hygiene with ironed and tidy clothes.
  • You should inspect and inform any damage, repairs to the manager. Known all the item’s advantages and disadvantages to inform the customer about it.
  • Experience in discount stores.A high school diploma in accounting is required.
  • Candidate should know stocking shelves, register duties, recovery, etc of the store.
  • You should able to stand and work in the working shifts.

If you are interested and able to handle the work as mentioned above then contact us  for more information about the job 0403163964

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